DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card

DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card

 “Eternal Summer”

I grew up in Malaysia, a tropical country with hot and humid weather all year round, hence the caption. Sometimes I really wish we could experience four seasons, because the daily temptation of ice-cream / cold desserts in this hot and sticky weather is just too damn high.

Then again, it probably wouldn’t change anything because I like to eat regardless of the weather ( *´艸`)

Handmade cards are inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. They’re also perfect for room decor! This is a no-fuss DIY project that can easily be tweaked and improvised upon.

“DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card”

Tools & Materials

A piece of black / white card, 10cmx15cm (or any blank greeting card)
Pencil, ruler & eraser
A needle
Embroidery thread


DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card

1. Start off by sketching your drawing with a pencil. I sketched on the back of the card instead of the front because I didn’t want to risk leaving any discernible pencil marks. It might not be obvious on a black card, but if you’re using white or light colours, it’s better to work behind the scenes.

Alternatively, you may download the printable template here (right click and save image as).

For black cards –  Ice Cream Sketch (white outline)
For white cards – Ice Cream Sketch (black outline)

DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card

2. Place the card against an old pair of jeans / any surface you wouldn’t mind piercing dozens of holes through. Using a needle, poke holes (patiently) along your sketch. Erase the pencil marks upon finishing. The end product will be an “embossed” outline of the soft-serve ice cream on the front card.

Tips :

Protect the finger you will be using to grip the needle by wearing a thimble or wrapping some tissue paper as a cushion. I failed to do so and the blunt tip of the needle inadvertently jabbed against my finger every time I pushed the needle through the card (ಥ_ಥ) I ended up bruising my finger by the time I finished.

Try to poke holes that are not too far apart from each other and with equal spacing. This is a tedious process that requires precision and a lot of concentration to do well, so be patient and take breaks if you need to.

DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card

3. Let the threading begin! Starting from the back of the card, tie a big knot using some thread and weave through the holes in a random, criss-cross manner using a needle. Secure with another big knot once you run out of thread, and repeat the criss-cross process until you’re happy.

Tips :

 Make sure all of your knots begin and end at the back of the card so that they’re invisible on the front card (refer to the last picture below).

Secure your knots tightly to ensure that they cannot be tugged through the card. Do this by tying the thread multiple times (I usually tie mine 6-7 times) around the same knot so that the knot becomes bigger than the hole you’ve poked and won’t slip through.

DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card

The colour scheme is entirely up to you. I made this for a friend and her favourite flavours are matcha and mango, so I picked green (matcha), yellow (mango), and white (vanilla). I used light brown for the cone because I’m conventional like that.

DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card

Behind the scenes. Alternatively you can repeat the criss-cross pattern at the back card – and it’s probably easier do so – but I chose to keep a nice and neat outline instead.

 I love stitch cards! ♡


3 thoughts on “DIY Ice Cream Stitch Card

  1. Love your DIY and food recipes! Came upon your site via Craftgawker. By the way, you have pretty photos but it is such a pity that they are smaller as compared to your text. Perhaps you can try changing your image size setting in Setting>Media.

    Lastly, we have something common. We use the same WordPress theme, Adelle. And somehow related to Malaysia – I’m a Malaysian but living in Singapore!


    • Hi Belinda, thanks for stopping by ♡ Really appreciate the feedback too – I initially thought that the “method photos” should be given less emphasis than the featured image but I guess they ended up looking a little disproportionate to the text. I’ll fix that up!

      So happy to hear from a fellow Malaysian! I’m currently based in KL. You have such an interesting blog – and I really like your tagline because it’s so true! Here’s to discovering & creating more pretty things xx

      Liked by 1 person

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