Pink Sundays

It’s been a while!

I visited a wholesale florist center over the weekend and decided to pick up a random bouquet for my mum.

Pink Sundays

Honestly, I’ve always felt that flowers are too expensive for what they’re worth because they don’t last long and are only picture-worthy for a short period of time. Yet I still splurge on them once in a while, because random gestures like this never fail to put a smile on my mum’s face and that is more rewarding than anything else in the world.

And I’m thankful for moments like this.

*Bonus family trivia:

My dad never fails to buy red roses for mum on two main occasions every year – their wedding anniversary and her birthday. This has been their tradition for almost 30 years now ever since they got married. The number of roses equals the number of years, hence the size of the bouquet increases each year ♡

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