Yan is a domestic princess in training who aspires to become a good daughter, friend, and future wife. She can spend a ridiculous amount of time and money navigating her way around lifestyle stores / bookstores / supermarkets and is constantly tormented by endless decisions. She adopts a naive way of entrepreneurial thinking, often dreaming how she could replicate or invent everything she likes so that she never has to spend money on store-bought items anymore. Because reality is wrong and dreams are for real.

She has a severe case of wanderlust and a lifelong list of skills to acquire, languages to learn, books to read, recipes to try, food to eat, places to go.

She’s also starting to feel a bit weird talking about herself in third-person narrative and is pondering whether to rewrite this self-introduction… On second thought, she’s too lazy to do so and would rather go bake or DIY something instead.

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