Pink Sundays

It’s been a while!

I visited a wholesale florist center over the weekend and decided to pick up a random bouquet for my mum.

Pink Sundays

Honestly, I’ve always felt that flowers are too expensive for what they’re worth because they don’t last long and are only picture-worthy for a short period of time. Yet I still splurge on them once in a while, because random gestures like this never fail to put a smile on my mum’s face and that is more rewarding than anything else in the world.

And I’m thankful for moments like this.

*Bonus family trivia:

My dad never fails to buy red roses for mum on two main occasions every year – their wedding anniversary and her birthday. This has been their tradition for almost 30 years now ever since they got married. The number of roses equals the number of years, hence the size of the bouquet increases each year ♡


Meet Cony

Meet Cony

Hello, my name is Cony and I’m a tanuki (raccoon) from Japan.

Yan picked me up from a lifestyle store called Tokyu Hands when she fell in love with me at first sight (I bet she says that to everyone). However, in order to overcome her weakness for cute plush toys, she ultimately decided to give me to her beloved baby nephew, JR.

JR is now my favourite playmate and gets to sleep with me every night. I hate to admit this – but he is slightly cuter than me.

You might be wondering why I’m in this current state. Last night, JR drank milk and puked all over me. As a result I had to spend one hour swimming in a mysterious whirlpool cabinet and getting myself clean. And then they held me captive with some pegs and put me in this ridiculous skydiving pose!

Yan happened to pass by in the morning, and instead of rescuing me, she gave an evil laugh, immediately whipped out a black box and started snapping away. Hmph. Who’s this DSLR guy anyway? Doesn’t she know that the house dog has already tried to nab me twice?! Besides, isn’t JR missing me terribly by now?

Argh, the dog is here again. I hope someone comes to rescue me soon.

Happy Friday!

Travel Tuesdays

Hellooo, it’s Travel Tuesdays!! … Kidding, I don’t really have a fixed schedule for my content yet – at least not for now. Although “Travel Tuesdays” does sound pretty good and I’m noting this down for future reference (*`∀´*)

I had initially planned to write my first travel post instead of this, but then I thought I should begin with a few background facts about myself beforehand, so that I can provide a clearer context to my experiences and paint a better picture. So consider this an introductory post and please bear with the lack of visual content – I’ll make up for it in the next post xx

  • I was born and raised in Malaysia, attended college in Sydney, did my university degree in Melbourne, and worked in Beijing for a year. I have recently settled down back in Malaysia.
  • During the course of studying and working overseas, I’ve had the privilege of travelling with my family across the globe to beautiful countries / cities such as New Zealand, the States, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.
  • I am multilingual, as most Malaysians are. I’m fluent in both English and Mandarin, and able to speak and write Malay, Japanese, and Cantonese. I can also understand Chinese dialects such as Hokkien and use selective Hakka phrases to communicate with my grandmother (i.e. “Ok will study hard”, “I’ll buy you biscuits when I come back”, “Working life sucks, grandma!” and “Happy birthday, grandma!”).

Every time I reminisce about the past 4 years that I spent living out of a suitcase and experiencing different cultures all over the world, I always feel an overwhelming a rush of gratitude towards my parents. I never gave much thought about this back then, but they carefully planned my education path and provided me a myriad of travel opportunities, to ensure that I would receive quality education and be well exposed at the same time.

(Pa and Ma, if you’re reading this. Thank you, I love you so much.)

In a way, Whisk & Maps reflects my coming of age, as well as my desire to become a well-rounded individual and to do well in whatever I set out to do. Because I enjoy baking, travelling, and writing so much, I want to be able to share what makes me happy and create content that people will enjoy reading. I can’t say what exactly I’m expecting to get out of this blog – I just know it’s a continuous learning process that I’m prepared to delve into for a long time.

Back then I hadn’t thought of documenting my travels, hence there were a lot of photos I failed to take, and many weren’t taken at the best angles. For now I’ll just be sharing snippets of my travel logs with the material I have at hand, but eventually I want to be able to compile them into a comprehensive travel guide and provide useful information to readers.

I absolutely can’t wait to travel again, now that I have a renewed purpose for Whisk & Maps (*˘︶˘*)

Here’s a sneak preview of my upcoming Maps post. Can you guess where?

Travel Tuesdays


Hello! Thank you for visiting Whisk & Maps.

Whisk & Maps is a visual diary dedicated for your viewing pleasure and my writing pleasure. This is where I’m going to document my kitchen musings and little DIY projects. I’m also borrowing a small space to pen down my personal thoughts and occasional ramblings.

I hope you like what you see.

Yours truly,