DIY Gentleman iPhone Case

Craft time! ♡

DIY Sharpie ideas have been all over the Internet since day one and I thought this would be a nice addition to the craft community ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

As usual, I made sure it was a project that wouldn’t cost more than a cup of coffee and wouldn’t take up more time than I would spend lounging in a cafe. I have weird benchmarks I know.

DIY Gentleman iPhone Case

Model: iPhone 4S (white)

Monsieur Apple was created within 15 minutes. It’s a classy minimalist design for white iPhones. Basically all you need is a clear iPhone case and a black Sharpie. Before you proceed, please make sure your black permanent marker has an extra fine tip because otherwise you might not be able to draw fine details such as the tips of the moustache. The Sharpie I used in this project was the Industrial Extra Fine Permanent Marker. I also used a hard phone case rather than the usual rubber ones.

Although this design works best for white iPhones, theoretically you could also try it out with a black iPhone + white permanent marker. Unfortunately I have not tested this out since the local art shop doesn’t sell fine tip white permanent markers!

“DIY Gentleman iPhone Case”

DIY Gentleman iPhone Case
Tools & Materials

Clear iPhone case (available on Etsy or eBay)
Tracing paper
Extra fine tip black Sharpie
Clear nail polish (optional) 

DIY Gentleman iPhone Case


  1. Tape a piece of tracing paper on top of the Apple logo at the back of your iPhone.
  2. Sketch your design with a pencil. Make sure it’s symmetrically balanced and appropriately aligned with the Apple logo.
  3. Fit the clear case onto your phone.
  4. Fill your design according to the tracing paper beneath the case with an extra fine tip black permanent marker. You may have to go over the design a couple of times to ensure that it is evenly colored.
  5. Let your phone case dry overnight and finally remove the tracing paper.
  6. Coat your design with a layer of clear nail polish for a longer lasting effect (optional).

Have an amazing Sunday! x


DIY “Wooden” Origami Cranes

DIY “Wooden” Paper Cranes

Today’s project is inspired by Muji, one of my favourite lifestyle brands based in Japan.

I love all things wooden, from furniture to cutlery to stationery. Wood elements are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also compliment natural and minimalistic designs by default and tend to have a calming effect on people.

One day, it occurred to me that even wood textures could be applied to daily crafts and little projects. Especially origami. I’m a big fan of thoughtful designs and of course applying wood textures to paper, which is also made from wood, is laden with subcontext. Ha.

DIY “Wooden” Paper Cranes

So I created my own origami paper, made a set of “wooden” cranes and was very satisfied with the result (*´꒳`*) Decorate your house or room by letting them perch by the window, on tabletops, shelves, or even make a mobile! If you’re up for the challenge you could also fold a thousand origami cranes in exchange for one wish or eternal good luck, according to Japanese folklore. With “wooden” origami paper, you could also fold other shapes such as animals, boxes, kimono, or even paper airplanes.


Four simple steps, no special tools required. (Except, well, a printer. And a pair of scissors.)

  1. Look up “free seamless wood textures” online and download the pattern image. Remember they have to be seamless so that the pattern repeats without a noticeable boundary where the edges meet.
  2. Print your wood texture design onto A4 paper with a borderless setting.
  3. Trim the paper into 10x10cm square pieces. The size and dimensions are up to you as long as it’s square. Try to be as accurate as possible because a lot of symmetrical folding is involved.
  4. Refer to an origami tutorial and fold away!

Links and references

// Seamless wood textures download.

This talented DeviantArt user has created a whole range of high-resolution textures for design purposes, including wood, water and ice, skies and clouds, granite and marble, etc. They are free to download and each pack contains 10 designs. I selected my wood textures from the “Uncut Wood” series.

// Origami crane tutorial.

A very easy and comprehensive live-tutorial video that also includes diagrams showing the folding directions for each step.

Happy (almost) mid-week and Merry Christmas ♡