Meet Cony

Meet Cony

Hello, my name is Cony and I’m a tanuki (raccoon) from Japan.

Yan picked me up from a lifestyle store called Tokyu Hands when she fell in love with me at first sight (I bet she says that to everyone). However, in order to overcome her weakness for cute plush toys, she ultimately decided to give me to her beloved baby nephew, JR.

JR is now my favourite playmate and gets to sleep with me every night. I hate to admit this – but he is slightly cuter than me.

You might be wondering why I’m in this current state. Last night, JR drank milk and puked all over me. As a result I had to spend one hour swimming in a mysterious whirlpool cabinet and getting myself clean. And then they held me captive with some pegs and put me in this ridiculous skydiving pose!

Yan happened to pass by in the morning, and instead of rescuing me, she gave an evil laugh, immediately whipped out a black box and started snapping away. Hmph. Who’s this DSLR guy anyway? Doesn’t she know that the house dog has already tried to nab me twice?! Besides, isn’t JR missing me terribly by now?

Argh, the dog is here again. I hope someone comes to rescue me soon.

Happy Friday!